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Itinerary on the Elsa river

The itinerary, called "Sentierelsa", starts from the San Marziale bridge and runs for 2 km to reach in the end the località of San Giorgio. The path, characterized for its evocative and windy track, offers the great view of the waterfall cascata del "Diborrato", 15 meters high, deep 10, that during the 1930s and 1940s was the swimming location for the inhabitants of Colle. Keep going and you’ll find the Grotte dell'Orso, caves that have the shape of a bear. You’ll finally reach the "Gore Rotte", where there is another entrance to the park, with some small bridges in Tibetan style.

The itinerary continues for 1 kilometre in direction San Giorgio where there is a river cross. Under this area you can find "Conchina", the "Masso Bianco" , the "Nicchia" and the "Spianata dei Falchi", called in the past "Colle seaside". In the path are present many stairs, river cross and many signs to explains what you’re looking at. Many are also the animals that can be observed.

Via Francigena route

The path that goes through the Valdelsa, keeping unchanged its charm over the years, is one of the more characteristic of the via Francigena, with its rolling hills rich of history, and it’s like a dive into the past at the time of ancient hospital for pilgrims, abbeys, monasteries, abbeys set along the way.

It’s from Palazzo San Lorenzo in Colle Val D’Elsa, start the same journey of thousands of pilgrims from all over Europe. From here the path leads to Siena going through small villages such as Castel Petraio, a castle that became a villa during the 15th Century, and Abbadia Isola, important stopping point for the pilgrims of all Europe, famous for its Church with two entrances on the front, like the entrance of Chiesa del Santo Sepolcro di Gerusalemme. along the way you will also see the Castle of Monteriggioni, built in the 1213.

From here the path leads to Siena where there was the ancient hospital of the territory, the Santa Maria della Scala, nowadays a Museum. From here we come back to explore Colle Val d’Elsa, famous as the "Home of crystal" for its wide crystal production.

We then can continue to San Gimignano, great example of medieval town, unchanged in its urban shape, famous for its towers. Also this village is set on the via Francigena: continuing on the path the traveller will reach Certaldo, a lovely medieval village, to end our itinerary in Tavarnelle.

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