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The Relais Della Rovere, Former home of  Giuliano Della Rovere became Pope Julius II.

This magical place is the story of a legendary Pope, a warrior and a patron. We like to think, and historical relevance we can give a reason, that in this place were discussed drafts, actors, scenes from the Sistine Chapel.
The result of conversations rather than on, history is written in fact, that the pope and his closest artistic collaborator, Michelangelo Buonarroti, during long conversations about future plans, were born of furious discussions regarded the character of both.

The architectural structure of the Relais Della Rovere was the early Christian period and also in some perimeters to the Etruscan. It was built by Benedictine monks in: 1100. He later became the residence of Cardinal Della Rovere (IN 1400).

Even today there are cardinal and papal blazons of arms from which the hotel takes its name. In this structure, steeped in the history of the most fertile period that Renaissance has ever known, echoes the glory of artists who have made the art of the sublime, the sign of a time of unique splendor. Giuliano da Sangallo was probably telling the Pope Julius II, the amazing success of the Florentine Michelangelo Buonarroti, including the colossal sculpture of David.

The Pope IS interested in young talent now officially summoning them to Rome. In Leaving, the artist was forced to stop a series of major projects launched in Florence, including the series of the Twelve Apostles for the Duomo, the monumental fresco of the Battle of Cascina for the Palazzo Vecchio.

Pope Julius II, in fact, it was dedicated to an ambitious program of government, which tightly interwoven politics and art, surrounding of the greatest living artists objective of restoring the Papal authority in Rome and the grandeur of the imperial past.

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