• History

    Manor house of 1400 in Radda in Chianti

    Palazzo Leopoldo is a wonderful villa in 1800 style in the historical centre of Radda in Chianti, a villa in province of Siena, a charming sing of the mediaeval period in Tuscany. The building dates back 1300, even if there are some quotations in the historical archives at the end of 1200. the house was born as an “Hospitale”, as testify later in documents dated 1434. Pilgrims used to get assistance and refuge during their religious trip.

    The development and the importance of the agriculture was the beginning of the modification of the property into a Manor House; owned by the Minucci family, it became very important during these years controlling and managing the production of 24 farms around the Chianti area. Very often power and culture run together; nobles, dukes, rich and aristocratic people started to frequent this ambiance giving that certain charm and touch still alive in all the rooms and common spaces.

    Marble words sculptured remind the presence of the Archduke of Tuscany Leopoldo II, from the Lorena family, in 1837 and, closer to our century, the stay of the Prince of Italy, Umberto of Savoy, in 1945.

    Signs of this ancient splendour are still present in Palazzo Leopoldo: the wide common spaces in the House, the frescoes, the cotto – pavements, the fireplaces, the original kitchen of the XVIII century and the internal private chapel. after really a detailed renovation and keeping as much as possible the original structure and furniture, Palazzo leopoldo became a High quality hotel, where it is possible spending special and unique holidays, thanks to the atmosphere full of ancient history and splendour, to the fact that it is immersed in the countryside of Chianti, the heart of Tuscany. and one of the kind House in the Chianti region. This special liaison between history and nature makes Palazzo Leopoldo a location where the guest can really breath the spirit of Tuscany, loved and appreciated all over the world thanks to its politic and artistic history and for its natural beauties.

    In the palace there are also a restaurant, a wine shop and a wellness centre, letting your guests have at their disposal everything makes exceptional a stay in this manor house.