• Events

    During the year many events take place in the Chianti territory and in the nearby. From gastronomic shows to wine tasting, from local street festivals to concerts, the events which offer an opportunity to soak up the Chianti traditions are many and varied.

    The "Palio" of Siena is the most famous event of the popular and folkloristic celebrations in Italy. The Palio is a civil and religious fest, a charming show and a historical celebration, that has its acme in the horserace, where the pride and the competition amongst the "Contrade" are exalted. The "Contrada" is a particular institution that was originated in the 15th century. Nowadays, they correspond with the 17 districts in which Siena is divided. Every "Contrada" has its own emblem and colours.

    The "Palio" takes place twice a year: on the 2nd of July in honour of "the Holy Mary of Provenzano" and on the 16th of August in honour of "the Holy Mary Raised in Heaven". In every Palio only 10 Contrade participate. Before the horserace, the Contrade take part in the historical parade, an event full of charm.

    After the historical parade, the horses, taken by their jockeys, take place at the start line, ready to run the three tours of the square. As soon as the race is finished, the winner Contrada receives the so-called "Palio", a cloth, that later will be brought and exposed in the museum of the Contrada, after being carried in triumph along the streets of city.

    A weekend in the first days of June in the name of wine and enogastronomy in the heart of Chianti, that sees the little village of Radda in Chianti full of visitors and keen ones on wine.

    The event involves the most of the wine producers of the zone, more that 50 types of wine, "Riserva" and "Supertuscan" one, and 25 of wineries, restaurants and wine bars. During those two days along the central ways it is possible to taste the best wines of Radda, introduced by the producers themselves.

    Moreover, in the wineries of the town they sell the wines of the producers that takes part on the event at the price of the direct sell. Restaurants and wine bars propose Special menus with typical dishes with wine of the producers of the zone.

    Since 1997, the Association called "Eroica a Ciclismo d'Epoca" has organised "L'EROICA" which is a vintage bicycle-touristic rally held mainly on unmade roads. It is a special "race" from every point of view.

    The atmosphere and pre-war conditions, as far as possible, are reproduced complete with dust or mud! No technical assistance is provided but there are old style refreshments and wonderful, panoramic roads but dreadful conditions. The ability to adapt is absolutely essential.

    We have tried to trace back the roots of this extraordinary popular passion that was (and still is to some extent) the world of cycling made famous by ' the giants of the road', and who have created so many literary legends.

    The route of "L' Eroica" runs through some of the most beautiful roads of the Chianti, Valdarbia and Valdorcia areas; some of which are still unmade ("strade bianche") and which contribute in creating the atmosphere of the "heroic" times of cycling.