• turkish bath

    The steam bath, commonly known as a "Turkish bath", belongs to the same ancient tradition of purifying baths as the sauna. A Turkish bath is the application of water in the form of hot steam, while a sauna is essentially dry. A Turkish bath is taken in an isolated and waterproof environment with saturated steam at a temperature of 40 ° - 43 ° C. Since the temperature is lower than that of a sauna, you can stay longer in a Turkish bath, but obviously this depends on the individual person. A Turkish bath is an excellent therapy for combatting stress, tension and skin problems such as acne or dermatitis, as well as having a relaxing effect. The heat causes the skin pores to dilate, allowing the skin to flush out impurities and become firm, bright and soft. A Turkish bath is also highly beneficial for colds, flu and respiratory ailments in general, whereas the sauna is not recommended for such ailments.