• multi-sensory shower walk

    Multi-sensory showers are special hydrotherapy systems that combine toning and stimulating multi-sensory treatments using water jets with combinations of different colours.

    Colour therapy is considered part of so-called "alternative medicine": it uses colours as a therapy for the treatment of diseases. According to colour therapy, colours help the body and psyche to restore their natural balance, and they also have physical and psychological effects that are able to stimulate the body and soothe certain states of mind and symptoms. The basic principle is the alternation of the water jet, which differs not only in the temperature, hot and cold, but also in the water pressure.

    The simultaneous changing of the colours and aromas creates atmospheres and sensations that are in harmony with the water flow. You can therefore experience different sensations and benefits: a low temperature tends to harden tissues (with positive effects for the legs, buttocks and abdomen), while heat will have a natural vasodilating effect, purifying and cleansing the epidermis.