• hydrotherapy pool

    Our indoor pool is heated to a constant temperature of 34.5 ° year-round. It is equipped with various massage jets: lumbar jets, a waterfall for the neck area, a hydro massage seat and bed, and a geyser to boost circulation. You can operate the hydro massage jets directly by pressing the black buttons on the sides of the pool.

    A hydro massage in water is a professional relaxation therapy par excellence, as it combines the sense of well-being obtained from a simple bath with the physical benefits of being gently massaged by thousands of bubbles. It is the perfect way to recuperate energy, offering you a sense of complete physical and mental relaxation.

    The air bubbles and water jet produced during the massage, compress and decompress tissues by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation. The legs become lighter and less swollen, and cellulite is reduced thanks to the water massage, which promotes the drainage of fluids.