• Spa & Wellness

    In order to satisfy our need to relax and to enjoy a healthy experience that involves all of the five senses, the Ross Hotel’s Well-being Centre offers a wide variety of treatments both for the body and for the face. These include massages, beauty treatments and well-being courses.

    The San Lorenzo Spa is located in the heart of Palazzo San Lorenzo. This is an oasis of pure relaxation and tranquillity, where one’s thoughts and worries regarding our daily routine are substituted by an intense sense of well-being and where one can re-discover the equilibrium between body and spirit. The well-being course at the San Lorenzo Spa includes a sauna, a Turkish Bath with chromotherapy and aromatherapy, multi-sensory showers and heated swimming pools with various types of hydro-massage jets. The course concludes in the relaxing hotel lounge where one can sip healthy herbal tea. Furthermore, the Spa offers a wide range of massages which are recommended by our expertly qualified personnel, as well as well-being treatments both for the body and for the face. It is also possible to buy cosmetics and natural products for the body.

    The Well-being Centre of Palazzo Leopoldo offers various relaxation possibilities: The Vignavecchia Spa, which is the most recent spa in the Ross Hotels group, The Private Spa Palazzo Leopoldo, used for couples and the appealing, heated, internal swimming pool, with hydro-massage and which has been created from an antique cellar and in where, even now, it is possible to admire the original structure with its tunnel vaulted roof. Palazzo Leopoldo also makes available to you a gym with treadmills, exercise bikes and other equipment. In addition to this there is also a solarium balcony with two external Jacuzzis and a sunbed.

    The well-being course that one can take inside the Vignavecchia Spa is characterised by a Turkish Bath with chromotherapy, a sauna, a Kneipp course, an Aromarium, multi-sensory showers and a hydro-massage swimming pool. The well-being area is completed by two relaxing zones where one can wind down in total harmony with the surroundings and chat with others while sipping our herbal teas. In this area there are also three massage rooms (for use individually or in a couple), where our expert masseurs will take care of you.

    Our spa: