• Crystal tour

    Don’t miss the opportunità to admire the famous lead-glass crystal of Colle Val D'Elsa

    The tour is articulated like a real path to discover ancient traditions, where master lead-glass crystal blower and craftsmen will show you the secrets of lead-glass crystal and the creativity and quality of the products. In the ancient small shops and in the workshops you can see a work process completely hand-made: from fusion to blow, from cut to engraving. So, true masterpieces of art can be admired, to witness an ancient and secular tradition.

    This itinerary to discover the main lead-glass crystal shops and workshops of the area, will lead you through the ancient and most evocative alleys of the town, where you could visit some display areas, stop for a wine or food tasting or for shopping of local products and end the visit with the "Museum of Crystal", the only one of this kind in Italy. Professional guides, both in Italian and English, will lead the visitors through this special itinerary, discovering this precious and noble material.