• History

    Palazzo San Lorenzo and Colle Val D'Elsa: two harmonic histories!

    Hotel Palazzo San Lorenzo is a prestigious building set in the characteristic village of Colle Val d'Elsa, medieval patrimony in the heart of the Toscana, where you can discover historical treasures, art, nature and traditions, with the background of a breathtaking landscape.

    The building, inaugurated on 1635 as an hospital, was built by the Usimbardi family, a very important and leading family that decided to give to Colle Val d'Elsa, proclaimed town and base of a new diocese, a better hospital for the rising town. On 1638, still thanks to Usimbardi family, the hospital expanded in order to aloow the poorer classes access and a new pharmacy was opened (healing herb shop) that dispensed free medicines for who could afford to pay.

    With a special permit in 1641, by Bartolommea called "Lombarda", the building was further enlarged. Its important to remember the old event about San Lorenzo hospital, the important decision, by grand duke Pietro Leopoldo in 1789, to enlarge the building further; an action testified by a memorial tablet still visible on the entrance door.

    The building, during the centuries, has been restored many times, the most important during 1950-70, with an enlargement of the internal spaces and the move of the chapel, which was rebuilt on the rear side of the building.