• The Chianti region and its villages

    A location from always synonymous of beautiful landscapes and good wine

    Chianti is a wonderful corner of hearth between Siena and Florence, constituted by Radda, Gaiole and Castellina, entered in territory of Siena at beginning of 19th century, during the French domination, and then confirmed in the province of Siena with the unity of Italy.

    In the history of Chianti the facts connected with food and above all with wine have had a prominent role. For example, one of the more important persons that lived during the Renaissance, Bettino Ricasoli. In the farm of its Castle of Brolio, Ricasoli began searches about the wine, for this reason ha can be considered until today the father of Chianti modern. Its recipe to have a better wine has been followed in the years and it makes Chianti wine famous and appreciated. In order to arrive to a definitions of the borders of the territory of the Chianti must wait since 1924 with the legal constitution in Radda in Chianti of the Chianti consortium of wine. The farms of the zone with the traditional production gathered in order to protect the name of their wine. As symbol they adopted that one of the ancient “Lega del Chianti”: the black rooster on gold.