• History

    The Ross Hotels is a young hotels chain that owns 4 hotels in the most famous italian region of the world: Chianti.

    The project has started with the opening of the first hotel L'Ultimo Mulino, an ancient stoned mill, situated in a natural park.

    Discovering the pleasure to let deeply know the beauties of Tuscany and of Chianti, the Ross Hotels decides to turn into a hotel a charming medieval palace in the centre of Radda in Chianti: Palazzo Leopoldo. In this enchanting hotel, the guests can still live the atmosphere of the manor house.

    The last two properties of the Ross Hotels, Palazzo San Niccolo', opened two years ago and situated in the centre of Radda in Chianti, and Palazzo San Lorenzo, that will open on 2009, situated in the centre of Colle Val d'Elsa, are the sign of a strong and always in progress project.

    Since the opening of the first hotel, the Ross Hotels has always pursued guest satisfaction to make sure that special moments could always stir up a true and intense emotion.

    With its 4 properties located in Chianti, the heart of Tuscany, the Ross Hotels can successfully offer a special and unforgettable stay. All the hotels, even though different each other, are joined by a real privileged position and have always an eye to satisfy any need and expectation of their clients.