• Excursions

    Come to visit the Chianti taking part to the different tours that our Hotel organizes for your stay...

    Hot air baloon or helicopter tour
    The tour starts from our Hotel in the morning assisting to the inflation of the balloon and then guests start to fly over the beauty of our land, or for people who love the adventures, you can have helicopter tour.

    The ballooning flight are able to bring you in your child dreams: between the clouds hearth with a big hot air balloon flying slowly over Tuscan countryside where you can see every details. The ballooning is considered the most ancient and romantic art of flight and many honeymooners choose this type of tour for their stay in Tuscany. Guest starts their adventure from the moment of the inflation of ballooning. Usually all flights are made early morning as the weather conditions. Flights last about 1 hour and our guest will have the possibility to have a prosecco or breakfast at their landing. The principal characteristic of hot air balloon is their very slow speed to give the possibility to the guest to admire the beautiful spectacle that the Tuscan countryside offers to us each day. In our hotel you can have the possibility to have stay that includes hot air balloon tour.

    For people who loves faster flights, Palazzo San Niccolò propose helicopter tour over Tuscany countryside, you can choose the itinerary as your request: Monteriggioni Castle, the towers of San Gimignano, the Chianti countryside, the historical centre of Siena etc. An unforgettable experience to see the beautiful Tuscan landscapes and villages from 300 mt height.

    Scooter tour, luxury or vintage cars
    You cannot lose to see the beautiful scenery of Chianti, all the street winds between hills where you can find the typical Tuscan houses and if you drive a scooter you can better admire these beauties.

    Traveling by scooter is funny, you will drive along the streets between olive groves and vineyards, castle and villages. Everything will seem like a big party that unified the freedom with euphoria, you can taste our good food and good wine having the possibility to stop whenever you want because is not a problem to find parking place! If you are driving a scooter you can admire some particular that you cannot see if you are in a car.

    Our guest can choose to rent a scooter for all the entire stay or just book a simple tour with private guide that will accompany them with a scooter too, in their tour between castles and typical villages. There will be the break for the lunch in a typical Restaurant.

    As in a fairy tail you will cross the Chianti on a vintage car, like we could go back in the past. Or, you can feel the emotion to travel on a luxury car between Tuscan landscapes, or visit the principal City or just enjoy a day of shopping. We can organize full day tours with private driver, leaving in the morning from our Hotel and coming back in the afternoon. Our guest can choose to rent cars with or without private driver. The agency will deliver the cars directly to our Hotel. This is a good choice for special occasion, or just for a romantic dinner to remember the beauty of Chianti.