• cooking lessons

    Don’t renounce to the pleasure of the good food during your stay in Chianti!

    The cooking lessons are organized in the ancient kitchen of Palazzo Leopoldo, our partner Hotel located only 40 mt from our hotel, and our Chefs Valentina and Anita are able to involve our guest as the old chiantigiane family made in the past. They are two sisters grew in their family restaurant where they took all secrets for a simply but rich cuisine of traditional flavour. They decide to go on with their passion of cooking and teach to our guest what lies behind this simply and complicated dishes: the love for our land and the passion for good thing.

    Courses take place in the afternoon and it takes about 4 hours, where guests learn and prepare traditional Tuscan dishes as the home made pasta and the very good Tiramisù. The course finishes with the dinner with dishes made during the course and our chefs provide receipt book. All the ingredients are fresh and bought directly in the shops of the village where we can find the characteristic quality and service of our zone. Our chefs teach step by step, ingredient after ingredient, guest during dishes preparation. The atmosphere of the ancient kitchen of Palazzo Leopoldo brings guest as in the past. The dinner is accompanied by a good bottle of Chianti Classico wine.

    Courses could be individual or for a small group, so that each person can try to make dishes. The Hotel can organize a day course with the teaching of the four principal courses – hors d’oeuvre, first course, second course and dessert – or a 3 day courses, where each day guest learn more dishes for each courses.