• bike

    Even if you are not a "Eroe" come to visit Chianti by bike!

    In Chianti the most famous sport is the cycling: since you are a child you start to love bike and this sport, and Italy is famous for regional and international competitions. The passion for the bike brings every year many tourists in the Chianti zone and in Radda. It is very special to go by bike around the land of the wine, and is a complete training for people who practice this sport in all period f the year, mostly during the summer time, many tourists choose for their vacation our zone going by bike from a village to the other, from city to city.

    For the passion for the bike every year in Gaiole in Chianti is organized the Eroica: the annual appointment that gather lovers of ancient bikes and competition. The Association "Eroica Ciclismo d'Epoca" organizes since 1997 "L'Eroica", vintage bike mostly in a dirt road. It is a special manifestation that takes place the first week-end of October.

    The itinerary of "L'Eroica" is along of most beautiful streets of Chianti of Siena zone, of Valdarbia and of Valdorcia; but the decisive factor is represented by dirt road that are still existing, where you can feel again the atmosphere of vintage cycling. It is possible to choose four different itineraries with four different difficulty levels. Many "Eroici" comes from all over Europe ready for the competition with their vintage bikes. In each village a point of break and refreshment for riders is set up; in Radda in Chianti it is organized in the main square F. Ferrucci, in front of the hotel Palazzo San Niccolo’. The finish is located in the village of Gaiole in Chianti where there are the rewards and the final restoration for all participant.