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    Take part to an excursion and admire the Chianti moving

    Horseback Riding
    Don’t lose the chance to be a rider for a day! A horseback riding let you be at open air and to explore special locations. You do not need any experience, the horses are trained to move slowly and with confidence. Their good temper and their use to the effort make them ideal friends for tours in the woods and hills of our countryside.

    Well-equipped for the tour, you can go to discover hidden locations, little churches, abandoned abbeys and ruins of castles with the guide. The itineraries of the horseback ridings are the same that the pilgrims made in the Middle Age along the Via Francigena. The tour starts from Palazzo Leopoldo and all the equipment will be furnished.

    Bike tours
    Take the chance to discover Chianti in contact with nature! Book a Chianti tour by bike, you will be with a professional guide that will be glad to show you the beauties of the countryside, biking through the vine grapes and olives. We will be glad to create for you personalized tour. If you are interested in discovering the Castles of Chianti, we prepare for you special itineraries!

    Are not you real athlete? Don’t be afraid! Our guide will let you discover the Chianti with a short trip just for you, with a nice stop for a pic-nic! Return to Palazzo Leopoldo in the late morning or late afternoon. The tour is a half-day one and it can be organised and in the morning and in the afternoon.

    Hot air balloon ride
    Are you looking for adventure? An unique idea? You should try the magic of a hot air balloon ride, the world that shades under your feet. The tour starts from Palazzo Leopoldo. Transfer in private car up to zone for the flight. The experience starts from the inflation of the balloon at ground level, a moment which has all the anticipation of flying. Once the balloon is ready, it's time to jump up into the basket and prepare one's camera.

    Rides last from 45 minutes to one and a half hours, during which, thanks also to smooth flying conditions, you may take the opportunity to shoot wonderful images of exclusively Tuscan landscape: admire the infamous "red-roofed" towns and follow the course of bashful wild animals taking "flight" in the fields below. The first light of dawn creates the magic frame for the scene your eyes are observing. While flying above you can learn about the terrain and its history from the Pilot's tales. At the end of the tour, having had a smooth landing, and following in the tradition of Hot Air Balloon fans, the success of the flight shall be celebrated with a glass of Champagne. And then the return to the hotel.