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    Wine Tasting

    Taste a glass of good wine for discover the magic atmosphere of Chianti

    Chianti classico Tour
    The tour starts by Palazzo Leopoldo. Transfer with private car with driver to Castello of Albola and start of the guided visit of the ancient cellars and than the tasting of wines oroduced in the castle. The farmhouse of the Castle of Albola is located in Radda in Chianti, the most ancient buildings are of the XII century, when the castle was owned by the noble family Monterinaldi. Since the 1970s the Castle of Albola is owned by Zonin family. The farmhouse is located in a spectacular landscape that is made unique by beautiful the villas, badias and hamlets and characteristic for the hills full of vineyards where prestigious wine is produced.

    Then the transfer to the winery Poggio Antinora, the visit to this winery and detailed explanation of the wine production with wine and typical products tasting and Poggio Antinora, a farm since 1234, is located on the top of a hill in the heart of Chianti Classico. The farm stretches for more than 50 hectares and has a cellar for the wine production, bottling and ageing.

    The Chianti Classico Tour ends with the guided visit of one of most characteristic village in Chianti. You can choose to visit: Lecchi in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti e Barbischio, Monti in Chianti and Castagnoli. Return at Palazzo Leopoldo on late morning or evening. The tour is a half-day one and can be organised n the morning or in the afternoon.

    Brunello Tour
    The tour starts at Palazzo Leopoldo with bilingual guide (english and italian speaking) to the zone of Montalcino, where it is produced one of the best wine in the world, thanks to the good job in the cellar, that is based on a long ageing in barrels of value wood. Wine tasting by two famous wineries of Montalcino, reviewed on the best specialized magazines, such as “wine spectator and decanter”, with the possibility of buying wine at favourable prices and shipping almost everywhere in the world.

    The tour goes on with the guided visit of Montalcino and its stronghold. The charm of the hill where Montalcino is located lets you relish natural wholesomeness. Then a short break to shop for typical products and local crafts. The day in the Brunello zone goes on with the visit of the Abbey of St Antimo, renowned for its celebrated Gregorian Chants. Return at Palazzo Leopoldo on late morning or evening. The tour is a half-day one and can be organised n the morning or in the afternoon.

    Vip Chianti Tour
    Departure from hotel Palazzo Leopoldo to the Castle of Brolio. The original stones of Castle of Brolio date back to the Middle Ages. Located on the borders between Siena and Florence, it became a theatre displaying all of the conflicts during those times, representing a Florentine fortress against a continuously hostile Siena. Throughout the centuries the castile was under constant threat and was repeatedly attacked in various battles, from the 15th century Aragonite and Spanish attacks to the 17th century combats, culminating finally in the air raids of the Second World War. The castle has been reconstructed and restored numerous times but it still encompasses many of the original aspects from the different periods of the previous centuries: from the bastions of Middle Age to the “Romanico” and Neo-gothic addictions up until the 19th century Tuscan style. Today the Castle is still the home of the Ricasoli Barons, even after more than 10 centuries.

    The wine tasting by the Castle of Brolio comes after the visit in the cellar for the wine production and ageing and after the historical introduction of the noble family Ricasoli. The tour in the cellar goes on with the visit of the modern rooms of baron Ricasoli where there will be a guided tasting of wine that represent the modernity of the “Cantina Ricasoli”. Then there will be a projection of images about the innovative aspects of the wine production. After the wine tasting, you visit the gardens of castle and the Chapel of St Jacopo.

    After the visit at the Castle of Brolio, lunch or dinner by the restaurant “L’Osteria del Castello”; the restaurant, that is immersed in a beautiful park, offer delicious recipes prepared with fresh ingredients of Tuscan territory. Return at Palazzo Leopoldo on late morning or evening. The tour is a half-day one and can be organised in the morning or in the afternoon.